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Burn fat in the chest and define the musculature


Do you want to lose fat in your chest and define  this part of your body? Train the chest with enough intensity and volume to induce a great definition with the following tips.

1. Top train
The press-bank a highly recommended training to lose fat in the chest and define . Lie on your back on a bench with your arms extended and hold a bar with a grip slightly wider than the shoulders above the chest.

Then bend the elbows outward, lower the bar about 1 inch above the chest and push it slowly upward. Perform eight to twelve repetitions and two or three series.

2. Take it easy
If you are new to this exercise, use a minimum weight, or simply the weight bar, to develop the appropriate technique. Once you are comfortable, you slowly increase the weight. Try to find a resistance that will cost you enough to reach the last two repetitions.

It is advisable to have the supervision of a qualified personal trainer or monitor so that you can indicate the steps you must follow to perform this exercise.

3. Use the dumbbells
Dumbbells will also help you perform specific exercises for the shoulders, chest and biceps. Consult your trainer to advise you on the best sessions and exercises to work your chest and define this area in the best way.




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