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Food for your brain: Brain Food


Your brain is one of the most important organs in your body. Not only are all processes controlled from this control center, but it is also the storage and processing of all the information we receive on a daily basis.

Thee brains we use to learn to make decisions and the content of the brains make us who we are.

Nutrition has a huge influence on the functioning of this organ. Which nutrients are important and why? Here is the answer to this question!




Fats are incredibly important for the functioning and building of your brain. All your brains consist for almost 60% of fats. But these are not just fats, because it is important that the fats in your body are available in the right proportion. The type of fat is important for the amount of synapses and dendrites in your brain.

The structure of the brain cells also depends on the type of fat we have in our body. In addition, the neurotransmitters, the messenger substances, in your brain are dependent on the type of fat molecules.

All in all, we can conclude that your mood, your concentration , your memory , your ability to record information and your intelligence are very much dependent on fats.


For your brain cells, exactly the same applies as for all your other body cells: They need fuel, in the form of glucose. The glucose needed to fuel the cells is made possible by the hormone Insulin. After all, if Glucose is in the blood, extra Insulin will be produced to transport it to the cells that need it.

So there is a clear connection between the functioning of your brain and your blood sugar level. In order for your brain to function optimally, a stable blood sugar level is of great importance.


Also antioxidants are important for the brains. Antioxidants are the substances that can neutralize free radicals in our body. If this does not happen, the free radicals will get the upper hand, which can lead to all sorts of ailments, including cancer.

Your brain is extra sensitive to these free radicals, because this organ uses the most oxygen from all organs, and the free radicals are a by-product of the metabolism. So relatively free radicals are released in your brain . If you do not do anything about it, these free radicals will accumulate in your brain, with all its consequences. Antioxidants are capable of rendering the free radicals harmless.

Vitamins and minerals

Your brain is an incredibly sensitive organ. Even if there is only a tiny shortage of certain vitamins or minerals , the brain will respond immediately by functioning worse. And this happens long before other physical complaints start to reveal themselves. Of course, your brain is very flexible, and you will not immediately notice a shortage. Your brain will continue in a 'normal' way. But it is not all that optimal.

The big problem is that many of the important nutrients are no longer present in our contemporary diet. Our current diet is too much poisoned with bad fats and poisonous sugars. The vitamins and minerals needed by the brain are present to a much lesser extent in our food, or at least in the wrong proportions. Your body does not understand anything about it anymore, and will react to this by operating less optimally.

With regard to your brain, that works exactly the same: Not enough vitamins and minerals, not the right vitamins and minerals, and especially in the wrong proportion, cause an imbalance.





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